“So I had a moment. I’m sitting there, in my writer’s chair and things are looking bleak. There’s an opportunity, a learning experience, a class I’d love to take, and not enough money in the bank. When along comes The Writing Shack. Like an answered prayer in the form of a stipend, they had my back. They made it happen, and I’m truly grateful for that! Big huge thank you to everyone at

– Terri B., Annapolis, MD

The Writing Shack is amazing. My funds were low for a long time so I couldn’t put money towards my music and becoming a better musician, I was missing out on so many opportunities to grow as an artist until the writing shack sponsored me for a music education course. I’ve learned so much and I’m glad to say I’m a better musician now after taking it! Thanks so much and I can’t wait to pay it forward to another artist one day!

– Jayden L., Chincoteague VA